why JP

Please take a second to imagine 50 years from now; your grandchild has just become engaged. You sit down with your child and grandchild and the three of you share your wedding photos. With each turn of the page a new photograph brings back the memories, the emotions you felt in those profound moments. Your daughter and granddaughter become caught in the moment, even though they weren’t there. The anticipation. The joy on his face when your eyes finally met. That twinkle that said ‘I love you more than words could ever say. I chose you over all others’. The tear in your mother in-law’s eye. The pride on your father’s face. The hilarity of ‘that mate’ cutting loose on the dance floor. The warm embrace from your best friend sending you off on your honeymoon.

Hi. I’m JP, and that is what I’m about.

I believe that celebrating life and love is important. I believe that each individual is a once off. A unique story. A never to be repeated treasure brimming with inner beauty that is meant to be uncovered and shared with the world… but it is easy to lose sight of that in the daily grind. Often, it is not until we suffer a tragedy in our world that our attention is brought back to what is most important.

That is why I love weddings. Weddings are once-in-a-life-time celebrations of a couple’s love. Weddings are the joining of two unique stories, each one intrinsically changed by the other. When I look, I don’t see a Bride. I see a woman. A one of a kind. A deeply valued daughter/sister/friend who has found the man with whom she will share everyday of her life, from this wedding day to their last. When I look, I don’t see a Groom. I see a courageous, honourable man. He has found the woman to whom he will dedicate his life, his attention, his success and his strength. A man worthy of the utmost respect… and all their friends and family have come together to celebrate and share in their joy.¬† I can’t imagine a better idea. I never want to lose sight of that.

I’m not about selling you photos.

Photographs are only as valuable as the story they share. When you share your story, both you and the recipient are enriched. A special connection is made. It’s amazing to see it happen!¬†Photos themselves are worthless… except for their ability to share your stories, to evoke feeling, to remind you of what is most important to you, to share profound moments, to make you feel loved when all else felt lost… it is these qualities that can make photographs priceless. For me, it’s not about capturing photographs. I want what I capture on your wedding day to reflect you, your fiance, your relationship, your love. For me, it is about helping you tell your story. Helping you share your stories with those you love and those who you will love in the future.

Whether it be a couple’s portrait session, an engagement shoot, a local wedding or an international destination wedding, I want to help you have an amazing experience and give you something that will remind you of what is most important in your life. To remind you of what you felt on the happiest day of your life and help you share those profound moments with those you love. To enrich your life and theirs.

If you would like to share an experience, I’d love to hear from you!